The emergence of gimbals, a system of gyrostabilised camera support has come into general use in the last few years. You could even refer to it as a mini revolution. There is no longer any need for steadicams or heavy 3D stabilised heads to achieve shots that are beautifully smooth.

These systems are fragile and fiddly to use, requiring a lot of precision and perfect balance. This was true until Arri, in collaboration with FoMaSystems (100% made in Germany) arrived with an entirely new gimbal, the Maxima MX30 which could support up to 30kg loads (15kg more than its next leading competitor).

There is no longer any need to recalibrate the machine each time the lens changes or with each different setup. Accidental shakiness from rapid or sharp movements is now a thing of the past. The device’s motors simply have enough power to compensate for this.

To make handling easier, we have added a new 750N Easyrig arm with extension (+13cm), that has been modified with the Flowcine Serene to compensate for the up/down rig movement. Also available from Kinodoc, the easily adjustable 2-axis Puppeteer can be used to compensate for left/right movements and makes tilting motions much, much easier for writing a frame more accurately.

And because we all have to take care of our backs, we have adapted all of that to fit on the Walter Klassen Steadicam vest whose reputation speaks for itself. This provides weight distribution in the lower back area, with a system of inflatable cushions so that the vest fits perfectly with the contours of the back.

A series of accessories allow you to mount the Maxima on pretty much anything (dolly, crane, car mount, quad, etc.). Along with the handle, we have here a completely stabilised remote 2D head system. (rented separately)


  • Maxima MX30
  • Joystick thumbcontroler « on board »
  • Support Spider + trepied heavyduty
  • Support Griffe 300 (Mitchell)
  • Topholder
  • Mini PC Asus (to controle the operations)
  • Pelicase Maxima

But also

  • Easyrig 750N
  • Flowcine Serene
  • Flowcine Puppeteer
  • Steadycam vest WALTER KLASSEN

Suggested Accesories :

  • WCU3 c-force MINI remote controler
  • SmallHD 502 + Wooden camera EVFmount
  •  Arri LMB25 (lightweight Mattebox)
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