DIT station « on the road » (in collaboration with BFC)

Since LOG recording and LUTs came into general use, managing the colour rendering of rushes has become a day-to-day challenge for DOPs. Our “on the road” DIT station provides the DOPs with an on-location lab where they can fine-tune their picture on a daily basis to output rushes that are faithful to their original intentions.

It provides security, synchronisation and transcoding of rushes and coupled to our Datamanager Station meaning all on-location DIT needs can be met.

Between shoots, the station is set up in our grading room at BFC. Our Colour Lab therefore allows DOPs who are working with us to have an ideal environment to work on their projects, test out lenses and cameras and create on-location LUTs they’ll be using throughout their shoot.

The station includes :

  • Macpro 8 heart + 32g RAM +highspeed graphic cards
  • Pegasus Promise R6
  • Flanders Scientific CM250, Brand new Oled monitor 24’
  • Full control panel by Tangent Element
  • Smartscope DUO blackmagic

Datamanager station « on the road »

Ultra fast portable secure station for downloading rushes.

The system is based around Promise’s new Pegasus2 R2+, a back-up solution with 2 hard drives and a built-in media player (SD, CF, CFAST 1 and 2 and SSD).

The lead camera operator or their assistant can save time and the production saves money. The Pegasus2 R2+ has two bays that can each take a 3TB drive. Data transfer is direct from the original medium to the two drives simultaneously (copied in mirror RAID 0) and at great speed via the Thunderbolt 2 interface.

The production saves money because the Pegasus2 R2+ uses standard interchangeable 7200 RPM disks that are the cheapest on the market (around EUR 75/GBP 65/USD 79 for 3TB).

The station also comes with an APC RS 800 back-up converter which provides protection against power cuts and current variations as well as an adaptor for power to the V-Lock system.

The station includes :

  • Macbookpro RETINA 15’
  • Pegasus2 R2 with card reader SD, CF, CFAST 1 et 2 et SSD
  • Converter APC back-up 800
  • V-lock adapter for MacBook Pro

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